Christmas Light Group Trips Available!

Destination Within Schuylkill County To Be Determined By Each Individual Group
Trips Can Be Scheduled Monday Thru Friday 4:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Must Be Registered With S.T.S.
Call Dave at: 570-581-8838 For More Information
Make Your Reservation Today!!

S.T.S. Would Like To Salute Our Veteran Employees

From left to right are Mike Trosper (Army), Bob Hirsch (STS Retired; Navy, Air Force and PA Army National Guard), Bob Llewellyn (Navy & Air Force), Alex Brommer (Army), Eddie Yurickones (Army), Ron Moser (Marine Corp.), John Lorah (Air Force), Tom Strencosky (Army), Jesse Kavanaugh (Air Force & PA Army National Guard), and Dave Evans (Navy & Navy Reserves).