With a Ten Trip Frequent Rider Smart Card Pass, you can enjoy savings and convenience every time you ride the bus. The Ten Trip Frequent Rider Smart Card Pass is good on any STS fixed route bus.

Your Ten Trip Frequent Rider Smart Card Pass never expires.

Even if fares go up, it entitles you to ten fixed route bus rides.

Using Your Ten Trip Frequent Rider Smart Card Pass

It’s easy to use the STS Frequent Rider Smart Card Pass.

Each time you ride with your frequent rider smart card pass, instead of paying a cash fare, display your pass in front of the card reader on the bus.  The card reader will automatically deduct one ride (or token) from the Frequent Rider Smart Card Pass.

Once you have exhausted your rides or tokens on your frequent rider pass, it can be re-loaded at Union Station.

For your protection, your name is printed on your pass and your address and telephone number is recorded in the STS data base in the event you would lose your pass.  If you do misplace it, please contact STS immediately and we will mark your pass as void in our computer system so no one else can use it.  You can purchase another Frequent Rider Smart Card pass, however, there will be a $2.00 charge.

Transferring to a Second Bus

Transfers for passengers continuing their ride on a connecting route are available for free when boarding the first bus. The transfer allows a passenger to ride free on the connecting route. Transfers are for use only in a continuous direction from point of origin to point of destination and will be honored only for the next available bus on the day of request. Transfers cannot be used for a return trip on the same route.

Failure to request a transfer from the driver on the initial bus will result in full fare charge or one token for the connecting bus.


Purchasing Your Frequent Rider Reloadable Pass

To purchase your Frequent Rider Ten Trip Pass, stop by Union Station in Pottsville  from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.