It is the policy of the SCTA that each ADA eligible individual may be accompanied by one PCA and at least one companion as long as the origin and destination are the same as the eligible rider and an advance reservation has been made for the PCA and the companion. Additional companions will be accommodated on a space available basis.


A PCA is anyone who provides the eligible rider with assistance with a daily life activity necessary to complete the trip or at the destination. There are no restrictions on who may serve as a PCA as long as they are age EIGHTEEN and over and able to perform the necessary assistance. An ADA eligible customer may require a PCA for every trip, or only occasionally as needed.

A companion is someone whose presence is desired but not required to complete the trip.


A PCA accompanying an ADA eligible rider pays no fare, and a companion pays the same fare as the eligible individual.


The eligible customer must advise the call-taker at the time of the reservation whether they will be accompanied by a PCA or a companion. The PCA and companion reservations are entered into the Ecolane system to ensure adequate seating. It is the responsibility of the customer to call to cancel a reservation for a PCA or Companion who will not be traveling as these seats can be used for other customers.