Other than persons eligible for ADA Complimentary Paratransit Service all reservations need to be made by 12:00 pm the day before the trip.  Times and destinations are depended on STS’s Service Plan  as the Shared Ride Program is not to be used as a taxi service and trips are scheduled for the efficiency of all who use it and to insure it’s sustainability.  Fares are determined on a mileage based system calculated by the length of the trip.  In order to receive discounted fares you must first complete an application for one of our programs.  Programs include senior shared ride, and PWD (persons with disabilities) along with ADA Complimentary Paratransit Service.

ADA Complimentary Paratransit Service:  Once it has been determined through our application process that a person is unable to use STS’s Fixed Route Service, along with other guidelines, trips may be booked with STS under this Federal Program.  Reservations under this program must be booked by the end the business day the day before the trip and up to fourteen (14) days in advance.  Normal business hours are 7 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.  A voice mail has been set up to make a reservation on Saturday or Sunday for trips on Monday during these hours, or for Holiday situations.  Fixed Route hours of operation are:  Monday through Friday 6:30 am until 6:00 pm and Saturday’s from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.  STS insures that ADA Paratransit trip durations will not exceed a comparable trip taken on the Fixed Routes.  Which includes the time to get to the bus stop, time on the bus, and time to get from the bus stop to the destination.

Help and information is available, for all services, by contacting STS @ 570-429-2701, 800-832-3322, or at www.go-sts.com.  Contact our customer service department and we will answer any questions.