Who Can Use This Service?

Persons with disabilities aged 18-64 who live in areas not served by STS fixed Route or ADA Para Transit services may be eligible to use the service. To be deemed eligible you will need to apply by completing an application form and returning the completed form to: The Schuylkill Transportation System, P.O. Box 67, St. Clair, PA 17970. The completed application will serve as written evidence to STS that you are a person with a disability. You may also contact STS for an application at 1-800-832-3322 or 570-429-2701 and one can be mailed to you. To print an application please click here

Where and How Will Service be Provided?

This transportation service will be provided in Schuylkill County through the Schuylkill Transportation System’s Shared Ride Van Program. To use STS Shared Ride transportation, a person must call to schedule a ride the day before the trip is to be made. “Shared Ride” means that the person making a trip must be willing to share the vehicle with other riders making similar trips. The STS Shared Ride program is curb-to-curb service.

Where and When Can I Travel?

You may travel anywhere within Schuylkill County currently served by the STS Shared Ride Van Program. Trips will be scheduled Monday through Friday, according to our shared ride service plan which is available at STS. Some trip times and destinations may be available solely on a very limited basis. You may need to be flexible in terms of when and where you travel. If a trip is not available when you want it, ask what times are available. Shared Ride service is not like one person taking a taxi. Availability of trips depends on the number of STS vehicles in an area and on other trips that are scheduled.

How Much Does This Service Cost?

The fare for a one way trip in Schuylkill County is dependent on the distance traveled.

How Do I Schedule a Trip?

Call STS at 800-832-3322, 570-429-2701 or (TTY Relay #711). You must call prior to 12:00 noon at least one business day before the day you wish to travel. If you want to travel on a Monday, you need to make a reservation the Friday before. You can make reservations up to 14 days in advance. Call STS for more information about placing reservations.

What Other Services Are Available?

STS provides group trip transportation for persons with disabilities and senior citizens to destinations within Schuylkill County and limited out-of-county services to destinations within a 50-mile radius of the county borders. Destination choices are unlimited and some of Pennsylvania’s most visited attractions are within the service area of STS. Shopping outlets, malls, recreational facilities and quality dining facilities are just a few of the locations available to  you. Service is available Monday through Friday with limited weekend service. Fares are dependent on distance traveled. For more information on group trip availability and rates, please contact Schuylkill Transportation System at 1-800-832-3322.



Travel tips to remember:

  • Be ready 15 minutes prior to scheduled pickup time
  • Be courteous — do not smoke, eat or drink on the van
  • Please have exact fare ready
  • All van trips are coordinated on a Shared Ride basis according to pickup and destination areas, appointment times and vehicle availability
  • All times are approximate as they are subject to road, weather and traffic conditions
  • All extra side trips must be scheduled and are subject to the one way fare
  • All reservations must be made 24 hours in advance