Local Police receive Transportation Safety Training

Pictured (L) Left to (R) Right: Officer Joseph Krammes, Pottsville Police Dept.; Detective Kirk Becker, Pottsville Police Dept.; Officer Cody Mullins, Schuylkill Haven Police Dept.; Jim Minnich, STS Operations Safety Officer and Instructor; Officer Vince McDonald, Schuylkill Haven Police Dept. and Officer William Horn, Jr., Schuylkill Haven Police Dept.










The Schuylkill Transportation System sponsored an accident training program for some local police departments.  The training took place at Union Station, South Centre Street, Pottsville from September 25th through the 29th.  Pottsville City Police and Schuylkill Haven Police were represented.  The course is offered through the Transportation Safety Institute which is the teaching branch of the Federal Transit Authority, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The training covered:  Chain-of-Events involved in a collision; center of mass and evaluating damage and debris; interpreting and measuring gouges, scratches, tire prints and skid marks; calculators and collision investigation math; speed estimates from skids; measuring yaws and speed estimates from yaws; witness interviews and workshop; principles of field sketching and collision investigation photography.

The officers were tested on each phase of this training.  A minimum passing grade for this training is 80%.  All of the officers passed the training.

The course was presented by Jim Minnich, Operations Safety Officer for STS, who is a Senior Associate Staff Member of the Transportation Safety Institute.  Jim has been with TSI for over 12 years and has been involved in teaching this training course from Pottsville, PA in 2014 as far away as Honolulu, Hawaii.

STS has plans to offer this training again in the future.